Memories 4 Ever by Nag Rotte | KDCC




There is a hidden artist in everyone. That is the exact reason why KDCC is born. The goal of KDCC is to encourage creative and artistic talents of every one of us, which are often not recognized. We would like to provide a stage for those bathroom singers, unsung choreographers, the guitar players, the violin players.  The bigger goal, however, is to create a future generation which is not only academic but also Artistic and Creative. It is proven that being an artist or being a creative person provides a huge advantage in academics and in society at large.

Any artistic talent, regardless of whatever it is, will be encouraged here. There is no age limit, there are no language barriers; if you have “ANY” talent you are welcome to perform. An example would be: If an individual wants to exhibit his/her drawing skills, KDCC will organize a little “Art Exhibition”. If you are Bathroom singer, you will be encouraged to sing a Karaoke.

Participation is Free of cost; no money is required to perform or to be a member.

The club will meet once in every 2 months on the first Saturday. Karaoke equipment, Microphones, speakers will be provided for each show.

We encourage kids to take leadership roles in this club. I also request everyone to spread this word and let your friends know. If anyone would like to join, they are welcome. An example of Leadership role would be: “Cultural Secretary”, “President”, “Music Director”, “Choreographer” etc.


If you all like this idea, we will kick-off our first meeting very soon.  A Facebook page and a website link will be created shortly for online presence.

Please get in touch via facebook page to participate, take a leadership role and/or to perform, exhibit any of your artistic skills.